Resources for Food Industry


Pulses: The Perfect FoodPulses: The Perfect Food

Healthy to eat, healthy to grow. Nutrition analysis, preparation tips and menu suggestions.




Pulses: The Heart of Healthy FoodPulses: The Heart of Healthy Food

Today there’s a gastronomical movement that is putting pulses on the American plate to meet growing consumer desires for healthier food that is both adventurous and familiar. This resource includes culinary tips, reasons to use pulses in product innovation, macronutrient content comparison and formulations.


Pulses...Gluten-Free: Give gluten-free flour powerPulses…Gluten-Free: Give gluten-free flour power

Precooked pulse flours function just like other high-protein flours but typically contribute far more fiber and micronutrients. An economical alternative, they are also non-GMO and low allergen-- significantly less allergenic compared with soy or almond flours.




Baking Guide for PulsesBaking Guide

Enhance the nutritional profile of baked goods with pulses as ingredients. Highlighting roasted yellow pea flour, pea fiber, pea protein and pea starch with formulations, recipes and nutrition information.




Pea ProteinPea Protein

Using pea protein isolates and concentrates, food scientists are solving many egg-less dilemmas. This latest application expands the use of pea protein which has already found its way into healthy, protein-fortified or gluten-free baked goods, snacks, cereals, pastas, energy bars and beverages.


Pulse FlourPulse Flour

All about the flour from nutritious dry peas, lentils and chickpeas. Formulations and details on pulse flour, pea fiber, pea protein, pea starch, folate and carbohydrates.